Logistics Employment Training Trust

The Logistics Employment Training Trust

Established by the Logistics Institute

Help provide financial assistance to persons in need by way of bursaries and grants.

The Logistics Employment Training Trust [aka LET Trust] was established by the Logistics Institute, that is, by its members under the direction of the Board. It is a registered charity, established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to persons in need by way of bursaries and grants to enable them to obtain professional qualifications or further training in logistics.

The objectives of the Trust do not allow funding for projects. Furthermore, the specific purpose of the trust is to provide financial assistance to those in need to pursue education/training, and not simply as rewards for performance and achievement in academic or other training programs.

Why Logistics?

Logistics is a career choice and a profession, like medicine accounting or engineering.

With the growing recognition of the strategic importance of logistics, supply chain managers require professional credentials that certify competence in:

  • Logistics: integration across supply lines
  • Business: establishing vision and execution of global strategies to build business
  • Management: lead, build teams and develop a culture of learning and development
  • Professionalism: responsible decision making
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